THE BOB-BIT                                                                       

Engstrom Enterprises, Inc. is Home of the Bob-Bit which is a high
performance "claw" type drill bit that enables our customers to save
money by increasing bit life and improving productivity. The Bob-Bit
excels in drilling mud, dirt, and rock compared to other "claw" type bits.
Our customers have realized an increase in productivity by 30% to
40% due to the ease and speed of the Bob-Bit. They have also
benefited in drill bit costs that have been as low as tenths of a cent per
foot due to the longevity of the Bob-Bit and the fact that it is 100%

We specialize in manufacturing custom bits and can make standard
and non-standard sizes depending upon your specific needs. Our
products include angle hole bits for cast blasting and vertical hole bits
for standard drilling operations. All of our products and services are
backed by our Engstrom family commitment.

                   Current Records - Campbell County, Wyoming

7,300 feet in 11 hours drill time - Caballo Mine

240,000 feet on one bit - Cordero-Rojo Complex

334,000 feet on one bit - North Rochelle Mine

Drilled 67 feet in one minute forty seconds – Cyprus-Amax Belle Ayr Mine  

United States - 5,735,360                      Canada - 2,220,825  

                                       Other Patents Pending


Do you require specialized drill training on operating rotary blast hole
drills and down hole hammers? Our training is customized for you
based on your specific needs and goals. With more than 20 years of
experience as a heavy equipment operator and trainer, all of our
training is conducted by Bob Engstrom, Founder and CEO. Bob has
drilled millions of feet and shot millions of pounds of powder in the drill
and blast industry.


Our top priority is providing excellent customer service. We accomplish
this by focusing on our customers, which are of the utmost importance
to our company. We ensure that our customers receive the highest
quality drill bits backed by a commitment to provide on-site skilled
training, which is included with the cost of our bits. Without our
customers we would not be in business and therefore, we assist them
in a courteous and timely fashion.

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